WooStarter is WooCommerce Starter Kit that consists of over 10+ premium plugins to leverage the power of WooCommerce.

10+ WooCommerce

Popular extensions liked Direct Checkout, Custom Checkout, Extra Fees, Product Catalog and so on.


Join us as a community for continuous support and updates, contributing your idea to make the products better.


More than 200,000 downloads along the years and i keep adding new product consistently.

My story

Hey everyone, i am Terry Tsang, nice to meet you all.

It all begin since i coded my 1st WooCommerce extension “WooCommerce Facebook Share Like Button” since 2013. 

I found out that there are many similar requests for WooCommerce customisation that my customers keep asking. Then i am thinking, why not i just bundle all my premium plugins into a package where every subscribed member can always download every one of it without much effort.

Then, “WooStarter” is born, i called it “WooCommerce Starter Kit”. Consist of over 10 premium plugins that i have developed over 5 years at my own store (shop.terrytsang.com), i give them a family name this time, cheers!

Hope you will make use of all these plugins on all your WooCommerce store.