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Add a discount for any order based on minimum order amount, product categories, products and date range.

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If you set minimum order amount, then it will check whether it is more than current cart/order subtotal before added. Or else, it just adds a discount to all orders.

In WooCommerce Settings Panel, there will be a new submenu link called ‘WS Discount Option’ where you can:
* Enabled / Disabled the Discount Option
* Change “Label” to any text
* Change “Amount” to total discount you want to apply
* Choose “Type” to Fixed Fee or Cart Percentage (%)
* Choose “Taxable”
* Change “Minimum Order” to any amount
* Discount based on “Product Categories”
* Discount based on “Products”
* Discount based on “Date start” and “Date end”
* Discount based on “Repeat Day”

= What you can do? =
* Apply a discount 10% off for all order
* Apply a discount $5 off for 2 products only
* Apply a discount 20% off for every Saturday within a month
* and many more…


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